Why should we use agile & scrum?

In these days I had to summarize why I was pushing my team & project to an agile/scrum life style.

First I felt happiness.
Talking about Scrum is great! However working & living in a development project accoring to scrum, is just slightly better.

So: why all the scrum?

Requirements change without notice.
I tried small companies with outsourced projects, big companies with own or outsourced projects.
All the same.
Sometimes there is a little fuss or bureaucracy after the change, anyway the change will take place. They occur right now, and there is really no sense walking forward on the wrong path.
Sounds familiar?

If changes happen, one should play with it and instead of being nervous or sad about it, one should really take advantage of the creative and happy atmosphere scrum can provide.

Please note: scrum, if misused can be even worse than a classic waterfall. And we do not want a new broom that is stinky and leaves bad odor around ;).
Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen.

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