VMWare Player on Windows 7

Off topic.
I have tried to install VMWare Player 3 on my Windows 7 system.
The installer produced a quite weird error: setup window pops up then... shazam.... shazam..... uh well. Nothing happens.
An ugly grey and empty window grins on the unhappy user, as found in many complains all around google.

Log says: "20110123224814:ERROR** CHtmlDialog::CallJScript: Failed to obtain required required jscript ID; COM Error: -2147352570".
Many posts claim that booting safe mode will help.
No, it wont :(

The solution was quite simple, yet annoying - this is the reason for my post.

I have booted up an old XP machine, started the installer there. Afterwards looked for the temp folder with a vmware_<some numbers> folder. The folder contains the "vmware player.msi" installer, that can be copied back to my Windows Seven system :-)

Happy End.

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