Sociometry, Social Network Analisys

A couple years ago I have created a simple tool to visualize a sociometry.
A sociometry is a simple quantitative method to visualize social relations.

Given a class the teacher asks some questions about likes and dislikes within the predefined group of persons (class).

Given a connection matrix between the individuals the main task is to visualize and cluster groups within the class and understand important factors like central and peripheral positions.

Here is a visualization of a sample dataset (without names).

The tool takes the individuals and the connections into account and attracts and distracts/repels the nodes (persons) thus minimizing the total aggregated force within the system (attraction is +, repel is -).

I am keen to rewrite the whole tool in C# in the near future.

My current formulas for the sliders are:
  • repel: sqrt(exp(1/dist)*trProximity.Position)*cos(angleA)
  • attrack: sgn(ddist)*sqrt(exp(abs(ddist)/trConnection2.Position)*trConnection.Position)*cos(angleA)
  • mutual connections can receive bonus attraction

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