Facebook development made easy

Recently a colleague of mine talked about some quite cool facebook app, he developed.

About the motivation: I am always quite enthusiastic about any web application, especially when integrated.

It was quite astonishing to see that facebook has a very easy to use integration library.
  1. download the Facebook Development Toolkit from Microsoft
  2. install it
  3. add the necessary tabs to the toolbox (default path for the dlls are C:\Program Files\Coding4Fun\Facebook\Binaries\)
  4. Create an IIS website for the application
  5. (my default site was tergeted for v2.0 .NET framework, and yielded errors. Thus I needed to change to v4.0 framework)
  6. you might host your app in your own server, however for simplicity why not register your application at localhost? :)
  7. off you go...

Should you need some hint or sample code, just visit this blog post from Steve.


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  2. Hi Muhhamad,

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